Ivana Martincevic

Abstract: Globalization and internationalization create new opportunities but also new challenges for companies to operate on the market. Due to globalization we are witnessing new trends and new technologies where digitalization and digital transformation drastically affect and change the way organizations operate. Digital transformation of business is inevitable and is a key element of further development of the organization in today's modern environment and market. Being competitive, achieving and ensuring long-term competitiveness is impossible today without new digital technologies that create a precondition for achieving it. A systematic literature review was undertaken to provide an overview of digitalization and digital competitiveness, as well as the digital technologies that support them. The terms ("digitalization" OR "digital transformation") and ("digital competitiveness" OR "digital technology") were used to collect data. The papers were reviewed in order to determine correlation between digital technologies and digital competitiveness and impact of digital technology on digital competitiveness. Results indicate that digital technology ensures the creation of sustainable competitive advantage and leads to digital competitiveness.

Keywords: Information - Communication Technologies (ICT); Digitalization, Competitiveness; Digital Transformation; Digital Technologies; Digital Competitiveness; Business Market; Business

DOI: 10.24874/IJQR16.02-13

Recieved: 05.05.2021  Accepted: 19.11.2021  UDC: 37.091.27:004

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