Gilyan V. Fedotova, Roman R. Chugumbaev, Nina N. Chugumbaeva, Irina S. Larionova, Gulnara K. Dzhancharova

Abstract: This purpose of the article is to assess the quality of life of the population of Russia in the conditions of the ongoing crisis caused by the current global challenges provoked by the current epidemiological situation. The originality and novelty of this article consists of the following aspects. First, the authors characterize the concept of quality of life from the positions of different authors and consider the main factors influencing on this indicator. In addition, the main approaches to assessing this standard of living of society are considered in the article. Secondly, the authors analyze of the main statistical indicators reflecting the quality of life of the population in the certain country using the example of Russia and for this purpose select digital material on such parameters as economic, social, demographic, ecological living conditions. Special attention is paid to the ongoing processes in the public administration system and the provision of public services to the population. Thirdly, the authors carry out a regression-correlation analysis of statistical data on the main parameters of the socio-economic standard of living was and determine the projected figures of the future development of the main spheres of public life. The main conclusions are made about the relationship between the basic indicators of the quality of life of the population and their influence on the general level of socio-economic development of the country in modern economic conditions. The main scientific contribution of the study is lying in the identification of the degree of the correlation between various indicators of the socio-economic development of the country in the context of the current crisis state of the public sector on the example of Russia. Recommendations for the future development and adjustment of the public administration system under the influence of the current crisis are developed.

Keywords: Virus threat; COVID-19 crisis; Industry 4.0; Developed countries; Developing countries; Quality

DOI: 10.24874/IJQR15.04-11

Recieved: 01.10.2020  Accepted: 22.01.2021  UDC: 005.336.3 578.834(470)

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