C.S.Chethan Kumar, NVR Naidu

Abstract: The garment industries are labour intensive and are subjected to pollution in terms of dust and dyes. This is causing allergy and other huge amount health related issues. As employees are focused on stitching operations they tend to get injured when there is a lapse in attention. In India, garment industries are generally dominated by female workforce. There is a disparity in the male to female ratio. Most of the managers and supervisors are male and there is an increasing case of harassment towards the female workforce. Added to these conditions, the labour laws are no strict to protect the employees in terms of working conditions, job security and proper salaries. As a result there is an increase in employee absenteeism which is hurting the overall company growth and resulting in targets not being met. This research work is implemented in Apple garment industry located in South India.Absenteeism in garment industry is rampant and reaching alarming proportions. According to industry reports, if absenteeism is more than 10% , then the assembly line will be affected in terms of productivity.The majority of the garment industries in India are facing productivity problems due to employee absenteeism. The results after implementing the lean six sigma methodology in Apple garments is positive and a trend setter for other garment industries to follow. The existing absenteeism of 11.05% is a true reflection of the state of affairs in the garment sector. This research work has shown that absenteeism can be really controlled with the involvement of management.

Keywords: Kaizen, Lean, Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement & Employees Participation, Absenteeism, garment


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