Volume 12 Number 4 Year - 2018

Number of articles: 14


Authors: Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman Khan, Stanislav Karapetrovic, Linda Carroll

Abstract: This paper investigates an application of ISO 10004 in a specific care continuum assumed to be an integrated health care case. It also illustrates the integrative augmentation of ISO 10001- and ISO 10002-based promise and feedback systems. An emergency and inpatient care continuum within a Canadian hospital was investigated by interviewing nurses and managers. Patients' service encounters with the care and support providers were examined and the existing measurement activities were studied. Steps for customer satisfaction measurement along the continuum were defined. Sources to determine patient expectations were identified and the measurement activities, such as a survey encompassing all stages within the care continuum, were developed. Research participants were interviewed again to verify the usefulness of the developed measurement activities. The presented work depicts the relationships among the aspects of customer satisfaction, key principles of integrated care and ISO 10004. It is one of the first examples of an application of ISO 10004 and the integrative augmentation of systems standardized by the ISO 10000 customer satisfaction series in health care. This paper is a revised version of Khan et al. (2017).

Keywords: Customer satisfaction, Emergency department, Inpatient care, Integrated care, Patient centeredness, Integrative augmentation

DOI: 10.18421/IJQR12.04-14

Article info: pp. 1017-1030

Recieved: 11.05.2018  Accepted: 30.08.2018  UDC: 616.08/083   Downloads: 1196

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