Giuseppe Lucisano, Miladin Stefanovic, Cristiano Fragassa

Abstract: With the aim at performing the highest precision during woodworking, a mix of alternative approaches, fruitfully integrated in a common design strategy, is essential. This paper represents an overview of technical solutions, recently developed by authors, in design of machine tools and their final effects on manufacturing. The most advanced solutions in machine design are reported side by side with common practices or little everyday expedients. These design actions are directly or indirectly related to the rational use of materials, sometimes very uncommon, as in the case of magnetorheological fluids chosen to implement an active control in speed and force on the electro-spindle, and permitting to improve the quality of wood machining. Other actions are less unusual, as in the case of the adoption of innovative anti-vibration supports for basement. Tradition or innovation, all these technical solutions contribute to the final result: the highest precision in wood machining.

Keywords: wood processing, machining, design of machine, machine tools

DOI: 10.18421/IJQR10.01-07

Recieved: 14.12.2015  Accepted: 02.02.2016  UDC: 54.061

Reads: 1264   

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