Artemy Varshapetian, Elena Semenova

Abstract: For manufacturing companies to succeed in today's unstable economic environment, it is necessary to restructure the main components of its activities: designing innovative product, production using modern reconfigurable manufacturing systems, a business model that takes into account the global strategy and management methods using modern management models and tools. The first three components are discussed in numerous publications, for example, (Koren, 2010) and is therefore not considered in the article. A large number of publications devoted to the methods and tools of production management, for example (Halevi, 2007). On the basis of what was said in the article discusses the possibility of the integration of only three methods have received in recent years, the most widely used, namely: Six Sigma method - SS (George et al., 2005) and supplements its-Design for six sigm? - DFSS (Taguchi, 2003); Lean production transformed with the development to the "Lean management" and further to the "Lean thinking" - Lean (Hirano et al., 2006); Theory of Constraints, developed E.Goldratt - TOC (Dettmer, 2001). The article investigates some aspects of this integration: applications in diverse fields, positive features, changes in management structure, etc.

Keywords: Integration of management methods, the key problem, constraints, SS / DFSS; LEAN, TOC


Recieved: 11.05.2015  Accepted: 23.07.2015  UDC: 332.05

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