Paulo Ávila, Alzira Mota, Goran Putnik, Lino Costa, António Pires, João Bastos, M. M. Cruz-Cunha

Abstract: The problem of selecting suppliers/partners is a crucial and important part in the process of decision making for companies that intend to perform competitively in their area of activity. The selection of supplier/partner is a time and resource-consuming task that involves data collection and a careful analysis of the factors that can positively or negatively influence the choice. Nevertheless it is a critical process that affects significantly the operational performance of each company. In this work, trough the literature review, there were identified five broad suppliers selection criteria: Quality, Financial, Synergies, Cost, and Production System. Within these criteria, it was also included five sub-criteria. Thereafter, a survey was elaborated and companies were contacted in order to answer which factors have more relevance in their decisions to choose the suppliers. Interpreted the results and processed the data, it was adopted a model of linear weighting to reflect the importance of each factor. The model has a hierarchical structure and can be applied with the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method or Simple Multi-Attribute Rating Technique (SMART). The result of the research undertaken by the authors is a reference model that represents a decision making support for the suppliers/partners selection process.

Keywords: Suppliers/partners selection model, hierarchical structure criteria, linear weighting methods, Analytic Hierarchy Process, Multi-Attribute Rating Technique


Recieved: 22.10.2014  Accepted: 16.01.2015  UDC: 638.124.8

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