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Abstract: Metalized coating is attained by atomizing the coating metal by melting with proper gas (propane, acetylene or others) and oxygen compound and then spraying it with compressed air all over the surface to be coated. Metallization in the application is the process of vaporization of the needed metal with tungsten in vacuumed media. This system among the PVD Coating groups is known as Evaporation Coating all through the world. Although the very fine metal layer that condenses over the product to be coated varies from sector to sector; it is generally used with aesthetic and decorative aims. The surface of the part to be coated is cleaned off the effects such as dirt, dust and oils etc. this cleaning method varies according to the size, shape and material of the piece to be coated. Surface cleaning before coating is very important in the sense of coating life, quality and strength. Otherwise, expected yield cannot be attained from the metalized and corrosion start can be observed shortly due to remnants on the places which are not thoroughly cleaned. Since metallization is a vaporization method; it is ionized by melting on all places which are in high-vacuumed. But there occurs an adsorption problem on some plastic types, therefore a smooth coating is attained applying an adherence through interlayer on these products before coating or with corona application. In food packaging sector metalized coated products are used because of their barrier feature towards light, water vapor, oxygen and other gases. This method of packaging is widely used in such kinds of sectors due to being most economical in packaging sector. For example; food packaging sector which holds a great place in flexible packaging group uses metalized coating system due to their barrier feature of metalized film with the aim of preventing oxidation of food products, decreasing the need of protective addition agent and extending the shell-life. Moreover cosmetic packaging group and many other sectors uses metalized coating due to its aesthetic feature with the aim of its being supportive to product promotion and reveal the decorative feature of the product. Metalized coating firms generally have quality and coating problems. In metalized coating processes done in series; expected amount and quality can not be attained generally. Therefore in this paper; how the quality is attained in metalized coating applications and the effective factors for this application will be explained

Keywords: quality,metalized,coating


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