Georgia A. Louka, George J. Besseris

Abstract: The measurement of the uncertainty of a metric system, as 'Gauge R&R' and the collation of results between the Xbar & R and the ANOVA method, are extended in this essay. In an academic school laboratory we accomplished a sequence of measurements with the use of an Optical Micrometer Industrial Type Machine (MUL 300). This paper analyzes the measurement system that used in the laboratory and checks the reasons of the variability's provocation that observed in the machine, between the theoretical calculations and measurements. In order to find out this problem, we will use the 'Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility' technique of Measurement System Analysis (M.S.A.). This technique uses analysis of variance. In addition, will use Minitab program in order to find out the factors that we have in the whole experiment as enlarge the problem of measurements. In this paper, a statistical method using the correlation between Gage R&R and process capability indices is proposed for evaluating the adequacy of the acceptance criteria of P/T ratio. Finally, a comparative analysis has also been performed for evaluating the accuracy of Gage R&R between two methods (ANOVA and R- Xbar method). Hopefully, the results of this research can provide a useful reference for quality practitioners in various industries.

Keywords: Gauge repeatability and reproducibility, criteria of (P/T) ratio, classical Gage R&R method, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Measurement System Analysis (MSA)


Recieved: 30.09.2010  Accepted: 30.11.2010  UDC: 378.014.3

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