Nikola M. Vukčević, Aleksandar J. Vujović

Abstract: In this time, research on civic identity is especially relevant as important characteristics of society, the environment and people. The paper analyzes the essence of the concept and the primary sources of identity of a modern man. The identity issues of Montenegrin society were especially discussed. A questionnaire in Table 2 was proposed in order to determine the state of civic identity in Montenegro with a comparison of the time before and after the independence. Naturally, in the spirit of Deming's approach, the questionnaire in Table 2 was defined to determine measures to improve identity. This questionnaire largely draws on possible improvements highlighted through a wide range of international quality standards. Thus, an attempt is made to analyze the civic identity issue in the light of the synergy of different quality standards. Simply put, the paper especially points out the importance of an integrated approach to quality in the function of strengthening the civic identity of the environment.

Keywords: Identity; Quality System; Civic Identity; Questionnaire

DOI: 10.24874/IJQR16.03-07

Recieved: 14.07.2021  Accepted: 03.03.2022  UDC: 005.336.3

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