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Abstract: Today, engineering has become a disciplined field. The demand in food products caused the agricultural engineers to consider the matter in a different way. This consideration led the engineer to resolve the biological issues together with electronic and information disciplines and also advanced con trol, advanced technological materials and developed sensor systems. The subject has persuaded them to design solutions for problems related with living things and their environment. Bio - system engineering which has been developed for this purpose has beco me the application of technical knowledge aiming to fulfill the human requirements. The pursuit of bio - system engineering discipline are automation, new developed technologies, information technologies and human interaction, sensitive agriculture techniqu es, power and work machines, product technologies after harvest, structures and relation with environment, animal production technology, soil and water sources, rural development and planning. Bio - system engineering which covers such a wide area should re ach the solution by using its system engineering feature first and then determine the process parameters of the subjects that it resolves. Therefore it has to attribute the reason - result relation in every stage to quality parameters. Therefore, in this a nnouncement, the quality issues necessary for explaining the subjects dealt in bio - system engineering basis are examined one by one and solution models are created depending on these issues.

Keywords: Quality, biosystem, engineering


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